Who We Are

Our Mission

Be the Change is a community service and activism group made up of students from Kean University and other Volunteers dedicated to serving the needs of local, state, national, and global community. We believe in a "hands on" approach and building partnerships to affect positive change.



The Beginning

Be the Change grew out of a course in death education. The students in the class wanted to improve the conditions for patients in a local hospice center and spent a weekend in a makeover project to create a craft area, dining room and sitting room for patients and their families.


What We Do

  • Hospice Makeover
  • Hope for the Holidays
  • Isaiah House Makeover
  • Hurricane Katrina Relief
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Gulf Clean-up
  • Be the Change Toy Drive
  • Omega Women’s Conference
  • Operation PB&J
  • Hurricane Sandy Relief
  • Changing the Landscape for Peace
  • And Much Much More...



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