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is accomplished by using data from the Newark Regional Medical Examiner's Office. Murder data is entered into SPSS and plotted onto maps of Newark. Each dot on these maps represents someone who has lost their life to violence.

This information gives insight into which zip codes saw increases/decreases in murder. With that information a new garden project can be planned in a

hard-hit area. These garden projects are created by adopting vacant lots and turning them into gardens or playgrounds.


$5 - 2 Flower Plants

$10 - 1 Row of vegetables

$15 - 1 Row of flowers & 1 row of vegetables

$20 - 1 Rose bush

$25 - 2 Lilac bushes

$50 - 2 Rows flowers and 2 rows of vegetables

$100 - A rock with your name will go into the garden plus all of the above. 

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