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Myrle Ave

A Call for Change:

Imagine looking out of your bedroom window and seeing a half torn down hospital building with rubble hanging from all sides. Well, this was the view of a young boy who lives on Myrtle Ave in Newark, New Jersey. After hearing an inspirational presentation about Be the Change, a woman approached Dr. Norma Bowe at a fortune builders event. She asked Dr. Bowe if Be the Change could transform a lot on Myrtle Ave in Newark; when Dr. Bowe gave her favorite famous answer, yes, Be The Change began planning.

Creating Community Change in One Day:

After a group surveyed the lot they knew a large team would be the only way to make real transformation happen. At first the group struggled with recruiting volunteers and feared the lot would not be transformed before the cold weather can rolling in. After feeling a bit defeated, it was posted one final time on social media. This when a fraternity group said “yes we will send a couple of our guys!” Next, a couple of other volunteers joined and said “what’s the address, I’ll be there.” This great news solidified the project.


Dr. Bowe and a small team went to home depot to pick up about a $100 worth of supplies. And so, on Sunday September 27th about 40 volunteers gathered in the lot with bagels, coffee, and a mission. The guys began mowing the lawn and the group began picking up trash. After several bags of trash were towed away, transform began. Tires were painted with messages of inspiration and hope. Mums and pumpkins were placed in the center of the lot with clean soil. A bench for the elderly women that once maintained the garden was restored. The garden was finally starting to take shape. A group of neighbors walking by stopped to thank us for the work. Not only was this rewarding, but it meant that folks knew they had a space in their community to enjoy and appreciate.

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